Listen Up: Coastal Community Bank

If you aren’t already listening to Independent Banker: A Community Banking Podcast from ICBA (formerly Communities of Innovation), you’re missing out on some fantastic insights from fellow community bankers and other experts.

Here’s a glimpse of what Eric Sprink of Coastal Community Bank talked about in episode 1, which looked at how his community bank embraced banking as a service (BaaS).

Who’s in conversation?

Excerpts from Eric Sprink
President and CEO of $2.68 billion-asset Coastal Community Bank in Everett, Wash.
Hosted By Charles Potts
ICBA executive vice president and chief innovation officer, and host of the Independent Banker podcast

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“That path that any given community bank is on is really about ‘Where are we at in our evolution of technology adoption?’ I think banks need to start with saying, ‘Well, what does my community bank need?’ And then on the other spectrum will be this banking as a service and providing banking services through other organizations to their communities.”

“The next evolution that’s coming is you’re having existing companies with a very loyal customer following, wanting to embed financial products in their brand … I’ve heard it said that there probably won’t be too many companies in society that aren’t offering financial services within the next five years.”

“When understanding your risk, making sure your board understands the risk and that you can articulate that risk and have mitigated that risk is Banking 101. And as you get into any new product or service, that topic has got to be front of mind, because you have to eventually show the regulators and your investors, ‘We know what we’re doing, we know what could go wrong and this is how we’ve taken care of it.’”

“I do love that term ‘evolution versus revolution.’ I think when you step back, it may feel like time is moving very fast if technology is moving very fast, but … the first step any bank takes is just evolutionary, and you need to do it thoughtfully.”

“You don’t have to define yourself geographically. You can define yourself on your competencies, which in our case was operational integrity, compliance and delivering a community banking experience. And that community banking experience is what we like to find in our partners: people that want to bank disparate communities and deliver a great experience to them, just doing it digitally.”

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