The Ledger: Building a better user experience

Data from a new FinTech Futures Industry survey indicates that 41% of respondents consider user experience, or UX, the most important way banks can differentiate their services. Here’s what they consider the five most critical features for compelling UX.

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Source: FinTech Futures Industry Survey & Report 2022

Top 5 UX features

1. Minimal steps/easy user flow 58%
2. Mobile/online channel synchronization 55%
3. Minimalistic/non-intrusive design 36%
4. Quick access to a real person 28%
5. Biometrics, i.e., fingerprint/face ID 24%

Opening the door to better UX

Three things respondents say banks need to tackle first

  • Replacement of legacy technology/processes 44%
  • Old-fashioned company culture/thinkers in high places 35%
  • Maintenance of legacy tech/processes 34%