Out of Office: Mickey Schwarzbek

Mickey Schwarzbek opened Iron Horse Brews to promote family, friendship and community. Photo: Grant Beachy

In 2019, the president and CEO of $87 million-asset Sherwood State Bank in Sherwood, Ohio, and his family opened the popular restaurant Iron Horse Brews—right next door to his community bank.

We knew we would have to create something that would be for all people. Then that’s where good food, good atmosphere and craft brews came in … We wanted to do something that was going to bring our family closer together—to be honest, to give them a financial opportunity to make a little bit of extra money. We also wanted to deepen our friendships we have already within the community, and help the community prosper.

We set a high goal: to make people come to the small community [from] 15 minutes to 45 minutes away. We’ve got to be top-notch, we’ve got to have great service, we’ve got to have great food, we’ve got to be clean, we’ve got to have all of it. If you let any of that slip, then you won’t get those customers, and we need them.

The big joke around here is I don’t even leave my parking spot. I park in the back of the bank, in the presidential parking spot, and I literally walk in the back door of the restaurant, go change my shirt and go to the floor.

I love what I do on the bank side, and I love what I do on the restaurant side … Why am I a community banker? To serve. It started with my military service out of high school. We feel that with the restaurant, we are able to do one more step of that.

—Natalie Trimble