Imaginative innovation in the banking loyalty space with Zogo Finance

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Innovation in the loyalty space is ever-more important as the world sinks more deeply into the digital capabilities constantly popping up around us. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial to attracting new customers, retaining current ones over the years, and remaining a relevant financial institution. While absolutely no one is throwing away the old rulebook, Zogo works passionately to combine the founding values of banking, education, loyalty, and customer satisfaction with the latest technology available. The best part, though, is that our main goal is spreading our successes across the industry to lift up our partners, their customers, and the communities that make our work possible.


While tech was a part of our lives before, the pandemic accelerated it to where we are today, so deeply immersed in advanced technology in every facet of our lives. The digital takeover had been happening gradually until one day —bam! — everything had to transition to mobile technology. The situation left banks of all kinds in a position just like that of the rest of the world’s: adapt or fall to the wayside. With the rise of fintechs and the skyrocketing amount of consumers that are versed in or rapidly learning about tech, making your bank a digitally-savvy, member-serving institution is easier and more important than ever.


While those truths apply to so many areas of our work in the financial sector, one undeniable truth is that these changes are wildly beneficial for the growth we all hope to achieve — specifically the growth of your customer base and their admiration for your bank. Zogo’s Mobile Banking Loyalty integration makes for a seamless introduction to your brand new, personalized loyalty program, and it’s all thanks to the power of technology.


Using gamified education, an encouraging and rewarding model, and deployment in the form of an integration, Zogo’s loyalty program simply bolsters what your bank is already doing right; we make checking your balance, opening a savings account, and so much more a truly interesting and educational experience for your customers. It may be advanced fintech, but it’s truly a no-brainer way to keep your customers increasingly engaged and active, and it couldn’t be easier to implement.


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