The Ledger: Meeting the cybersecurity challenge

Cybercrime and the technology that enables it is rising in prevalence, but organizations are putting money behind the problem in 2022.

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Sources: 1) Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022, IBM Security; 2) Cybersecurity in 2022: Budgets, Insurance and Vendor Relationships, Kaspersky


83% of organizations reported having had more than one data breach in the last year
277 days The average amount of time it takes to ID and contain a data breach
$5.79M The average total cost of a 2022 data breach in the financial industry (second only to healthcare)
60% of organizations’ breaches led to price increases passed on to customers


86% of organizations intended to budget for cybersecurity in 2022
$25k–$50k The amount that 28% of organizations invest annually in cyber insurance
69% of technology decision-makers say they will have increased their cybersecurity in 2022