The Ledger: Compliance’s talent challenges

Thomson Reuters’ Cost of Compliance 2022 global survey of financial institutions finds compliance departments grappling with a shortage of skilled professionals amid an increasingly sophisticated regulatory environment.

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Source: Regulatory Intelligence—Cost of Compliance 2022: Competing priorities, Thomson Reuters

For some, outsourcing is the answer:


of respondents outsource some or all of their compliance functionality

The top 5 compliance challenges of 2022

  1. Volume and implementation of regulatory change
  2. Lack of budget and resources
  3. Availability of skilled people
  4. Need for effective compliance monitoring
  5. Cyber resilience

Personnel costs are rising

Reasons why cost of senior compliance staff is expected to increase over the next 12 months:

47% — Demand for skilled staff and knowledge
30% — Additional senior staff required to cope with volumes of regulatory requirements
10% — Need to employ third-party specialist resources
7% — Increased personal liability
6% — Other

The ideal compliance officer has…

• Subject matter expertise
• Attention to detail
• Communication skills
• Digital/technology understanding
• Interpersonal/stakeholder management skills