How BHG Financial’s innovative solutions can help community banks thrive in the digital age

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BHG Financial is transforming the financial industry—leveraging the power of data, analytics, and cutting-edge technology to become the number one source for professional loans and the creator of the largest community bank network in the country.

In 2001, BHG’s founders set out on a mission to provide professionals with a better lending experience—one that was simple, efficient, and catered to their unique needs. Built around the belief that hard work prevails, BHG quickly grew from a team of three to over a thousand, including a specialized group dedicated to working with community banks.

To date, BHG Financial has originated more than $11 billion in loan solutions to top-quality borrowers, which community and midsize banks can access through a state-of-the-art loan delivery platform: The BHG Loan Hub.

By purchasing loans through the company’s proprietary and web-based Loan Hub, community banks can diversify their portfolios and earn interest income. To date, more than 1,450 banks have taken advantage of this unique program, earning nearly $1 billion in combined interest income on top-quality professional loans.

Building on two decades of innovation, the BHG Bank Network Membership offers a full suite of programs that include the following:

  • Commercial and consumer loans Diversify your portfolio with BHG’s time-tested and proven assets. Millions of dollars in top-quality loans are available for purchase daily through the BHG Loan Hub.
  • Digital lending – Offer financing to your customers online with no additional risk on your balance sheet. Tap into BHG Financial for origination and marketing support, and earn 2% immediate revenue off the total funded loan amount.
  • SBA 7(a) loan referrals – Earn fee income with ease by referring small business customers to Fund-Ex Solutions Group, BHG’s wholly owned subsidiary.
  • Collection services – Reduce your accounts receivable while protecting your brand. CCMR3 takes an empathetic, consultative approach to collections that is proven to recover revenue.
  • Risk management services – Keep your bank ahead of regulatory and compliance changes by tapping into the experience of former regulators from the OCC, CFPB, FDIC, Fed, and more. RMSG provides an affordable suite of services to help your institution control risk.
  • Point-of-sale financing – Earn fee income by helping healthcare providers, home improvement contractors, and other merchants in your community grow their businesses with customizable financing tailored to their customers’ needs. Refer your network to NaluPay.

BHG Financial is neither a true fintech nor a traditional bank—it embodies the best of both with top-notch data, analytics, technology, marketing, underwriting, compliance, speed, and customer service. This combination has led to BHG originating record volume from today’s high-earning borrowers with top-tier credit scores.

Using $100 billion in loan originations data, BHG Financial has carved a niche as a financial quantitative service company, building proprietary quantitative analysis models to uncover variables that dictate the risk associated with each borrower. This data, combined with over 150 analysts who joined BHG from top firms based on the strength of its models and 50 data vendors from whom BHG purchases additional data on a monthly basis, has given the company a unique industry advantage—unmatched insight into a borrower’s propensity to pay .


Leveraging this data, BHG’s analytics team works closely with the company’s full-service, in-house marketing department to develop highly targeted campaigns, resulting in more than 43,000 professionals coming to BHG each month looking for financing.


With record growth year after year, BHG Financial continues to be recognized regionally and nationally, earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 on 15 occasions and receiving accolades from Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine, among others. BHG Financial is 49% owned by Pinnacle Bank (PNFP), a $38.5 billion asset bank, and has headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Syracuse, NY.

As BHG continues to grow as a company, they look forward to partnering with even more banks in the future, so that these financial institutions may serve their local communities with a diverse set of innovative solutions.


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