The Ledger: Deepening digital relationships

A recent ICBA survey reveals that community bank customers are highly educated, affluent professionals who rely on their connected devices. The survey presents valuable insights for community banks that want to better communicate with their customers.

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Source: ICBA, Understanding and Finding Your Customers, 2020

Insight #1

They partake in a mix of media–83 hours per week

Opportunity: By diversifying into other channels, community banks can develop stronger promotional campaigns and better engage their audiences.

Percentage of respondents who said they spent more than 20 hours on these channels weekly:

  • TV: 30.7%
  • Mobile Phone: 26.1%
  • Home Computer: 13.6%

Insight #2

They’re fans of media multitasking

Opportunity: Community banks must make their content stand out to capture the attention of customers in multitasking mode.

Percentage of respondents who said they use additional devices while watching TV:

  • Visiting websites (mobile phone): 15%
  • Texting: 14%
  • Making calls: 9.3%

Insight #3

They’re smartphone centric

Opportunity: Tailor your online and social media promotions to windows of time outside work hours, as well as increase mobile-device-specific activities.

Percentage of customers who use each media type in a week

  • Mobile Phone
    • Web searches: 84%
    • Social Media: 84%
  • Home Computer
    • Web searches: 59%
    • Social Media: 32%
  • Work Computer
    • Web searches: 38%
    • Social Media: 13%
  • Tablet
    • Web searches: 33%
    • Social Media: 21%