Out of Office: Tyrone Beatty

Tyrone Beatty

Tyrone Beatty, 1st Security Bank of Washington. Photo by Stephanie Gray

After becoming a fan of The Great British Baking Show, Tyrone Beatty, assistant branch manager at $2.3 million-asset 1st Security Bank of Washington in Mountlake Terrace, Wash., added baking to his long list of interests.

By Tarra Willox

Last summer, my husband and I got into watching The Great British Baking Show. Of course, we loved it. And just for fun, I’m like, “Well, let me try some of these things,” and it was fun! We, of course, gained a little weight from all the sweets, but it was well worth the calories.

Tyrone Beatty

A baking enthusiast and classically trained musician, Beatty infused his love of both into one of his cakes.

I do so many things … I bake, but I’m a musician, as well. I have both my bachelor’s and master’s [degrees] in performance on viola. And there’s a symphony here, the Port Angeles Symphony, that I’m a section leader in. So, that’s my real love. I also do beekeeping and knit.

When I was young, my mom was in the Army, so we were stationed in Vicenza, Italy. The schools are all Montessori. Because of the exploration or the inquisitiveness I think the Montessori school environment gives children, it really kept my mind open and inquisitive. I’m always learning and always trying to better myself and help others better themselves.

[Music] is my heart. Often someone will ask, “If you had to lose one sense, what would you not be able to live without?” And for me, it would be my hearing. I’d be OK with losing my sight, smell, taste, whatever. But if I can’t hear something, it would drive me nuts. I love music; you can ask my team at the bank—I’m always singing and dancing in the break room to music.