The Ledger: Investing in the “Great Reshuffle”

Move over, Great Resignation: Many business leaders are now choosing to see this seismic shift as an opportunity. They’re using it as a chance to assess and maximize the roles and strengths of their teams, according to the LinkedIn 2022 Workplace Learning Report.

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Source: LinkedIn 2022 Workplace Learning Report

Workplace culture is a growing priority among senior leadership

80% of surveyed executives are modifying their workplace policies in the spirit of offering better associate flexibility

Motivating factors

Career advancement remains at the root of U.S. employees’ motivation to gain new skills. Respondents ranked their top three reasons:

  1. “If it helps me stay up to date in my field.”
  2. “If it is personalized specifically for my interests and career goals.”
  3. “If it helps me get another job internally, be promoted, or get closer to reaching my career goals.”

Respect is rewarding

Data shows that employees who feel their employers care about them are:
3.2x more likely to report being happy to work for their current company
3.7x more likely to recommend their company to work for

Learning & development: A pressing priority

Survey respondents ranked the education categories they believe are most important for advancing the skill sets of senior associates. These were the most popular areas of focus:
Leadership and management training 48%
Upskilling and reskilling employees 39%
Diversity, equity and inclusion 33%
Employee performance support 28%

The top 5 drivers of a great work culture

  • Opportunities to learn and grow
  • Belonging
  • Organizational values
  • Support for well-being
  • Collaboration