The Ledger: Compliance Concerns

Despite a positive 2022 outlook, industry-specific concerns continue to weigh on community banks, according to Wolters Kluwer’s 2021 Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator survey.

Compliance Concerns infographic

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Source: Wolters Kluwer, Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator survey, 2021


2021’s Main Indicator Score*, a 25-point increase on 2020

The Main Indicator Score originates from three categories Wolters Kluwer tracks:

  • Compliance factors
  • Regulatory environmental factors
  • Risk management factors


  • A changing regulatory landscape
  • Coping with increases in the dollar amounts of regulator-imposed fines
  • Managing risk across all lines of business

The historical view

Main Indicator Scores since 2018
2018: 85 points
2019: 95 points
2020: 103 points
2021: 128 points

Lenders’ top concerns for 2022

The threat of ransomware:
“Significant consideration” 63%
“Some consideration” 22%

The pandemic’s ongoing impacts on:
Enterprise risk planning: 49%
Loan default risk: 46%
Inflation concerns: 42%

Other major areas of concern:
Business resilience & adaptability: 41%
Recession fears: 34%
Climate-related financial risks: 21%