The Ledger: Cybersecurity concerns

Hackers and fraudsters prey on consumers’ lack of cybersecurity hygiene, whether it’s reusing weak passwords or having overconfidence in digital tools. A recent Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) poll reveals opportunities to teach cybersecurity practices to customers.

cybersecurity infographic

Source: 2021 Consumer Cybersecurity Poll from CSI. Click to enlarge

Consumers’ top cybersecurity concerns
(% of survey respondents)
Identity theft: 60%
Stolen credit and debit card information: 60%
Malicious software installed on a device: 52%
Computer viruses: 50%
A company they do business with being breached: 45%
Myths to bust with customers
30% think it’s OK to reuse a bank password elsewhere
50% believe their payment information is more likely to be compromised with a physical card versus a digital payment
69% say they know what to do when their confidential data is compromised
75% believe their bank can protect their data from hackers, a big opportunity for banks to be stewards of their information