Out of Office: John Rosenboom

John Rosenboom with his Miami Vice T-Bird and his wife, Katie, who is VP/manager of Heartland Bank’s insurance agency

The executive vice president of $190 million-asset Heartland Bank in Gowrie, Iowa, has had a passion for restoring antique tractors and cars since childhood, a hobby that’s led him to owning the iconic 1961 T-Bird from 1980s TV classic Miami Vice.

My brother and I were raised watching, and later helping, our father restore antique tractors. My family now resides on the family farm. Along the way, the desire to work on and collect old equipment and vehicles caught on with my wife, Katie, and our four children. I think it’s very important to preserve history for future generations to experience and enjoy.

At one point, I ended up managing some properties on the side for Michael Talbott, who played Detective Stan Switek on Miami Vice. He and his wife invited us to stay in their guest home on the East Coast when my wife and I were on our honeymoon. While there, I spotted the 1961 T-Bird convertible that Michael drove in the Miami Vice episodes.

When the show ended, [Talbott] purchased [the 1961 T-Bird], restored it, and enjoyed cruising around in it. I told him we’d take it off his hands when he was ready to let someone else enjoy it. When they ended up moving a little over 10 years ago, we had it shipped to Iowa and have enjoyed it as a family. We also ended up working out a deal on a 1963 Cadillac limousine and a 1992 Dodge diesel that Michael bought from his friend, [the late actor] Brian Dennehy.

We haven’t really sold much. One gentleman from Sweden has purchased a few items from us over the years, but we keep almost everything that we buy and restore.
—William Atkinson