Seven Reasons You Need Guided Product Selection Today

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New customers self-select the best products for their financial needs only 30 percent of the time. This lack of understanding of products and services is an opportunity for your financial institution to demonstrate the value you provide by guiding customers to wise financial choices using interactive dialogues.

Harland Clarke Account Advisor lets you engage new customers the moment they consider opening a new account — online or in-person — in guided digital conversations that uncover and address their unique financial needs to make consistent, relevant and accurate product recommendations.

Here are seven proven ways guided product selection builds relationships, empowers team members, and demonstrates your institution’s commitment to meeting the needs of today’s consumer:

  1. Deliver a Better Account Opening Experience

The bar for digital personalization has never been higher. Deliver the rewarding and personalized experience consumers now expect. Engage new customers in digital conversations. Use interactive Q&A dialogue to make recommendations on products and services that best serve their financial needs and goals.

  1. Take Your Digital Strategy to the Next Level

Optimize your digital banking experience. Exceed consumer expectations. Differentiate your brand in a highly competitive market. Guided product selection is a simple add-on to your existing website that is essential for providing modern, next-level banking service.

  1. Build a Powerful and Empowered Team

Create a culture of authority and empowerment. Provide your team with access to key consumer insight. Enable every team member of every skill level to make confident needs-based recommendations. Anticipate customers’ future goals and needs. Boost the knowledge, dedication and loyalty of your entire team.

  1. Increase Contact Center and Branch Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency by improving decision-making. Guided conversations make the account opening process in the branch or over the phone easy and consistent. Effective and relevant recommendations result in improved sales performance and more products opened.

  1. Cultivate Relationships Through Cross-selling

Uncover cross-selling opportunities. Nurture customers into lifelong relationships. Deeper relationships lead to increased retention and fortification.

  1. Protect Your Small Business Customers’ Bottom Line

Time is money. Small business owners demand more from their financial institution. Empower branch staff to effectively consult small businesses using a data-driven recommendation engine. Use guided, one-to-one conversations with business owners to save time and anticipate their needs — so they can focus on building their business.

  1. View Performance From a Single Canvas

Eye candy for analytics geeks. Gain visibility into products, pricing and performance. Account Advisor’s IQ Analytics dashboard alerts you to market trends and product-related issues. A well-conducted analysis opens door to increased profitability, better decision-making and improved performance.

Deliver exceptional experiences. Deepen relationships. Empower every team member. Boost digital applications. Reduce attrition. Guided product selection using a solution like Account Advisor can help you do it all.

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