Out of Office: Matt Smith

Photo: Jeff Sampson

Matt Smith of Dacotah Bank has medals from marathons of cities around the continent. He hopes to complete more international marathons.

Matt Smith, market president of $3.3 billion-asset Dacotah Bank in the Phillips Centre branch of Sioux Falls, S.D., runs races everywhere from Boston to Canada. To complete his bucket list, he’s now training to someday be able to complete marathons in London, Tokyo and Berlin.

I started running in 2012, and I’d never been a runner before. It was something at first that I did for health, just as an activity, but then quickly found that I found enjoyment [in it]. I found relaxation [and] a way to relieve some stress.

One thing I learned about the running community is it’s a very diverse group. And so, I meet a lot of people who aren’t necessarily like me. I’ve run with people of different nationalities, different races. Running is a common bond, especially when you’re in the big city marathons.

Running is something that anybody of any ability [can] go out and do, because it’s about getting the best out of yourself. It’s not about competing with other people. … I think the thing that I’ve learned the most is there’s really a community of people that you get to know and can gain support from.

Running is a cumulative sport in that one run builds the next run. You don’t just become a good runner overnight. It takes time to put in the miles. But the physical benefits, the ability to run fast—those benefits are all great, but the ability to just get by yourself, just have some quiet time, maybe listen to some music, listen to a book or a podcast, has really allowed me some time to grow as a person and find some solitude.

Tiffany Lukk is associate editor of Independent Banker.