Seamless deposit and loan account opening built on design thinking

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At the height of the world health crisis, nearly two thirds of consumers taking out a checking account did so using online channels or a mobile device. If there is one lesson that financial institutions can take from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the need to provide a unified customer experience based on digital as the cornerstone. Even typically reticent seniors joined the digital movement with 77% making a financial transaction online during the early days of the pandemic.

But achieving a state of customer nirvana requires more than providing a digital channel for getting things done, particularly as technology leaders, such as Amazon, are utilizing innovative technologies to recommend products and support one-click purchasing. In similar fashion, Netflix has personalized the user experience, analyzing past viewing habits to fluidly lead consumers toward new programs that match their interests.

Experiences like these have had a significant impact on consumer standards, initiating a massive movement away from traditional ways of doing business toward companies that can offer a more cohesive and unified experience.

Consumer standards are moving toward a more cohesive and unified experience across all channels, including a single portal for business and consumer account opening and lending. Additionally, 71% of financial institutions are partnering with fintechs to rapidly evolve and grow market share in this evolving consumer landscape. Download Finastra’s white paper to discover:

  • Why consumer standards are moving toward a more unified experience
  • How fintechs play a part in digital
  • A new path toward digital transformation built on design thinking
  • The value of Fusion Originate
  • How to provide a best-in-class experience