Out of Office: Rose Hopman

Rose Hopman

One of Rose Hopman’s favorite homemade quilts depicts a colorful calaca, or skeleton, associated with the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos. | Photos by Erin Lassahn

Rose Hopman, community support services and money management workshop instructor at $250 million-asset High Plains Bank in Longmont, Colo., began quilting with her family as a child. Now, she uses her talents to create lasting memories for her family and friends.

I started quilting when I was about 11. My mom would take my grandmother to a place called Volunteer Clearing House where older ladies sit together and quilt. I would sit with them and watch them quilt. I was interested in crafts, so I joined in, and that’s where I learned to quilt. I made my first quilt when I was 13.

When I quilt [by myself], I make up my own designs. I find inspiration from nature, paintings, photos, holidays and cultural events. I use graph paper to create my designs and then figure out the yardage. After that, I pick out fabrics and colors to organize within my design. I cut and piece it together, bat it and then hand quilt it.

The most fun quilt I’ve made was for a quilting challenge. I was interested in Día de los Muertos, so I adapted a picture into my design. After coordinating the colors and piecing my design together, I hand embroidered, hand beaded and ribbon embroidered [it]. It was probably the most fun of all my quilts.

I’ve learned that you can express yourself through quilting and show love with the gift you were given. Nobody is going to go through the trouble if they don’t care about the other person. The greatest lesson is how you can help others or show you care about somebody by using your self-expression to do something that you love to do.

Rose Hopman

Sofia Haan is an editorial assistant with Independent Banker.