Real-time payments – disruption or opportunity?

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Real-time payments are the most consequential development in the payments industry since the advent of debit cards in the mid-1970s. Providing money in the exact moment of need has evolved from a competitive distinction into a competitive necessity.

Banks without faster payment solutions can no longer meet expectations or compete with the industry innovators. You must offer modern payment and money management services to successfully attract, grow, and retain consumer and commercial accounts and deposits.

Do you have a true payments partner that can provide the expertise and strategic guidance needed to maximize the potential of real-time payments?

Jack Henry Payments provides the modern technology and strategic guidance that can keep you at the center of payments. We believe moving money is about relationships. It’s how people pay bills, support and celebrate loved ones, and how businesses transact and grow. In our moments of need, sending money immediately, seamlessly, and securely is vital. We pride ourselves on delivering scalable solutions that enable moving money to anyone at any time using any device.

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