Get ready for ICBA Connect

Over two electrifying days, ICBA Connect will energize your teams, connect them more deeply with your community bank and better prepare them for what’s ahead for the industry.

The past year has taken a toll on community bankers, between addressing the impact of COVID-19 and delivering most of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans to small businesses. The community banking industry deserves a moment to stop and take a collective breath. That’s why ICBA is hosting ICBA Connect.

This year, ICBA LIVE is transitioning to ICBA Connect, a livestreamed digital event on March 9 and 10. ICBA Connect will be unlike any event ICBA has ever put on or any virtual meeting you’ve ever attended. It will be two days packed with seven keynote speakers, community bankers and customers sharing their stories and insight to energize your entire team and better connect them to the community banking industry.

As community bankers, you’ve risen to the occasion by keeping your customers and communities front and center as you navigated 2020’s crises. ICBA Connect will bring the community banking industry together to support each other and move forward in lockstep.

“Connections are powerful. They fuel us. We hear from many community bankers that they wish they could share more ICBA events with their entire bank team,” says Rebeca Romero Rainey, ICBA president and CEO. “Well, the opportunity is here.”

What is ICBA Connect?

This event will be a livestreamed production that will showcase keynote speakers, member bankers, ICBA staff and more over the course of two full days. You’ll see inspirational speeches, interviews with community bankers and their customers, as well as countless opportunities to learn and grow as a team because everyone in attendance will see and experience ICBA Connect together.

“ICBA Connect is an opportunity to nourish a bank’s culture. Energizing and providing employees with learning and growth opportunities provide a myriad of benefits.”
—Lindsay LaNore, ICBA

It’s also a moment to focus on the teams at your community bank. ICBA Connect is like a two-day training retreat but at one affordable price.

“ICBA Connect is an opportunity to nourish a bank’s culture,” says Lindsay LaNore, ICBA’s chief learning and experience officer. “Energizing and providing employees with learning and growth opportunities provide myriad benefits like better collaboration, improved team communication and stronger bonds among employees. And sharing ICBA Connect with employees can also help employees be more creative, discover hidden talents and speed up productivity. ICBA Connect will kickstart a bank team’s energy, imagination and overall performance.”

Hassle-free connection

ICBA Connect offers your community bank the unique opportunity to get everyone to attend, learn and grow together without the budget restrictions of an in-person event requiring the time commitment and money of travel and hotel stays. Plus, the flexibility of a livestreamed event means you won’t have to lose any business hours participating in ICBA Connect.

Community bankers are invited to join ICBA and their fellow bankers from their office, a branch conference room—safely, of course—or their home office. Don’t forget, this experience is designed for all of your employees, regardless of their level or position at the bank. ICBA invites you to register your institution so more within your community bank can take part in the action.

“As a community banker, I have always enjoyed the convention. It is educational and energizing. I always come back to the bank with new ideas to share with my team,” says Kathy Underwood, president and CEO of Ledyard National Bank in Hanover, N.H. “I am thrilled that this year I can bring the whole team. What a perfect opportunity to come together, focus on our bank and get re-energized about the future.”

Connect with ICBA

While ICBA Connect is a first-of-its-kind event, there will be some familiar elements from ICBA LIVE. An auction on March 9 benefiting ICBPAC is included in your ICBA Connect registration for no additional fee.

You’ll also be hearing from ICBA leadership, including president and CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey, chairman Noah Wilcox and chairman-elect Robert Fisher, throughout the event. Even as a virtual event, ICBA Connect will feature plenty of familiar faces.

It’s time to register for ICBA Connect

Visit to register yourself or your entire community bank for ICBA Connect, March 9–10. Have a question? An FAQ section offers more details about what to expect.