New whitepaper: How the pandemic is changing lending

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Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in modern times and will change the way our industry functions for years, if not decades. These changes offer both challenges and opportunities to lenders and will influence the preferences of the people and businesses you proudly serve.

This new whitepaper addresses the transformative ways the pandemic is likely to shape the path forward for all categories of lending – as we enter a new phase that could redefine borrower relationships as we’ve known them.

Key topics:

  • How is the pandemic changing the way financial services are delivered?
  • How are community banks across the country responding to the needs of their borrowers?
  • What industries and consumers have been most impacted by the events to date?
  • How has the pandemic changed underwriting?

These important questions and more are uncovered in Five Ways the Pandemic Will Change the Trajectory of Lending Through the 2020s.