Never lose a document again

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Every day, hundreds of files flow in and out of your community bank. Whether it’s a board resolution, a loan application, or an employee record, your bank stores and manages a vast number of sensitive documents and is held accountable for the security and compliance of such critical information.

When we talked to the executives and key decision-makers at community banks, we discovered that many banks share similar concerns when it comes to their document management workflow. With files generated by different departments and hosted at multiple locations, critical documents inside the bank often ended up being “digital but not discoverable”. Siloed systems resulted in fragmented technology and data storage infrastructure, which often causes inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities in both front- and back-office operations.

A smart way for community banks to address these pain points is to adopt a cloud-based document management system. Unlike the conventional practice where information is scattered across physical servers, document depositories within ad-hoc tech stacks, or even file cabinets, a cloud-based document management system offers a centralized, secure, and highly efficient alternative that brings everything under one roof—so information is now “digital and discoverable”. By adopting a cloud-based document management workflow and system, your bank can streamline document flows and increase operational efficiency while becoming more secure and compliant with industry regulations from FRB, FINRA and SEC.

But what would it take to implement such a system when you have limited IT resources? The good news is that if you choose the right technology and implementation partner, the path to a streamlined organization doesn’t have to be daunting. At SmartVault, our decades of experience in document management has helped tens of thousands of businesses to become more productive and secure. That’s why we created a step-by-step Cloud Adoption Playbook that guides you through the process. Download the guide to learn:

  • The steps for community banks to successfully migrate to a cloud-based document management platform.
  • How cloud technology helps streamline your bank’s document flow and increase productivity.
  • How a cloud document storage and sharing solution strengthens data security and helps you stay compliant with regulations.
  • And the elevated experience you can provide to employees and customers with features such as branded client portals for secure file sharing and uploads.

Download the guide today.