Member Benefits: Train your staff with ICBA courses

ICBA’s online training library continues to grow, offering members and all their employees opportunities for training and development that are accessible wherever they are—at the bank, at home or on the go.

Not being able to attend live conferences or classes doesn’t mean your community bank’s employees can’t continue learning and growing. ICBA offers coursework, live events and other resources that are accessible virtually. They can be used whenever—and wherever—your staff need them, which is ideal for remote workers and those with flexible schedules.

ICBA’s library of online courses continues to expand with new topics so that members can stay on top of key industry issues and the latest regulatory updates. Plus, many of these courses are part of certificate programs that could boost your community bank’s culture, staff retention and recruiting.

This year, Community Banker University (CBU) added 52 new online training courses, including timely options like five new marketing courses and three offerings related to diversity and inclusion. There are 12 new courses about health savings accounts (HSAs) and retirement accounts like IRAs. Four new resources cover Regulation B. And there’s a newly updated Ethics for Bankers course.

There are also courses specifically designed to assist banks responding to COVID-19. Two new courses cover state reopening requirements. There are also six new courses, such as Running a Virtual Office or Managing Work and Family, that can help employees balance their new normal.

Affordable continuing education

If you’re planning your community bank’s annual budget or training calendar, know that these courses are easy to budget for. For members, these and a catalog of more than 300 courses are all available for one annual price: $599.

“Where else could you spend $600 and get access to all these training opportunities? This is a deliberate decision from ICBA to provide its members employee development at an incredible price,” says Lindsay LaNore, ICBA’s group executive vice president. “This should be your last spend of 2020 or your first spend of 2021.”

And for those day-to-day moments when your employees need a guide or reputable source of information, one ICBA resource that continues to be free for all members is the Compliance Vault. ICBA’s online directory now features more than 2,500 Q&As, eLearning courses and other resources written by CBU instructors, compliance experts and regulatory agencies.

Visit to view plans, course bundles and online certificate programs if your community bank isn’t a subscriber.—Eric Best

It’s time to tell your story

This year, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) allowed community banks to shine as they came through with much-needed stimulus funds for their small business customers. The PPP is just one example of the many moments in 2020 that community bankers could use to tell their stories to customers and potential customers.

Looking for more tips on how to get a better return on your bank’s marketing investment? In addition to the eight online training courses—including five new ones—focused on marketing your community bank, ICBA is hosting a Community Bank Marketing Virtual Seminar Nov. 16–18. Go to to register for the event.

Eric Best is deputy editor of Independent Banker.