Out of Office: Dimitria Davenport

Dimitria Davenport

Dimitria Davenport of United Bank of Philadelphia is working to change the landscape of the running community. Photo: Matt Stanley

The vice president of community banking and compliance at $50 million-asset United Bank of Philadelphia in Philadelphia is a run coordinator with Black Girls RUN!

By Courtney Welu

I started running in July of 2013. My body composition was changing, and I needed a more consistent workout regimen. I was made aware of a [Black Girls RUN!] meetup right near my home. I committed to attending one. That one day turned into seven years, two marathons and countless other races.

Running not only motivates me on the asphalt, but also in my professional development. It reveals how resilient and determined I am to not just push to go the extra mile in running, but also my ability to persevere and achieve my personal and professional goals off the asphalt.

As ambassadors, we’re working with the greater community to promote healthy lifestyles. BGR Philadelphia hosts more than 10 different meetups across the area to support and encourage women seeking to achieve their fitness goals. I had the joy of helping women of all ages and physiques accomplish fitness goals that they never thought were possible.

BGR helps dispel the myths about African American women and running. We help change the narrative about Black women who run for health and overall fitness. Not just with the runner community, but other Black women, helping them know that completing a race and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is attainable. I believe BGR is transforming lives, and I am glad to be a part of it.

Courtney Welu is an editorial assistant with Independent Banker.