Out of Office: Jon Sisk

John Sisk
Jon Sisk of Santa Cruz County Bank is a lifelong surfer, which he says is more a lifestyle than a sport.

The regional president of $1.3 billion-asset Santa Cruz County Bank in Santa Cruz, Calif., spends his free time making waves at the surf spots in his beachside tourist town.

I started surfing probably 20 years ago. Santa Cruz is known as “Surf City” in California. It’s a very beachy area, so everyone comes over here. I grew up coming over to Santa Cruz. Living in Santa Cruz, if you don’t surf, it’s not a good thing. I was a swimmer and just always active in the water.

We’re so lucky here in Santa Cruz. We have an area called Cowell’s Beach that is probably the best place in the U.S., if not in the world, to learn to surf. There are hundreds of surf spots in the Santa Cruz area. You find the one that you like best, and then you migrate to that spot. I surf at a spot called Getchell. I know everybody there.

I have three daughters and, of course, over the years, their boyfriends were surfers. One of them is a professional surfer. When they were together, we would go surfing, and he got my game up a little better than what it was prior to meeting him.

Surfing is something you can do your entire life. I’m in my mid- to late 50s, and I’m doing it. There are guys in their 70s out there paddling around surfing. It’s a very unique thing, especially living on the coast, where it’s not really a sport; it’s a lifestyle. You get out in the ocean and you just feel better about everything.

Courtney Welu is an editorial assistant with Independent Banker.