Out of Office: Karen Vogel-Ramola

Karen Vogel-Ramola
Karen Vogel-Ramola and her family make scrapbooks to capture big moments in life, from family trips to the birth of her daughter. Photo: Chad Holder

The assistant vice president and branch manager of $115 million-asset New Market Bank in Elko New Market, Minn., puts together scrapbooks with her family—and sometimes for her family.

I scrapbook all of the trips we go on. I scrapbooked my wedding and all of my Christmas cards. It’s just preserving our memories a little bit different than just taking a bunch of pictures and throwing them down onto a page. My mom does it, [and so do] my sister and I, so it’s a family thing.

We go on retreats about two to three times a year where we get away—all three of us with about 15 women total—and scrapbook all weekend. We usually get there on Thursday night, sometimes Friday, and we don’t leave until Sunday. And we just eat, maybe drink a little wine and scrapbook.

[My sister and I] made a scrapbook for my grandfather. My grandpa was a baseball player. [He] probably would’ve gone pro had he not gone off to World War II. He had his baseball scrapbook that he made with his own newspaper clippings, but we re-scrapbooked that for him to preserve.

We had our first baby on Feb. 15, so I’ll be starting her album soon, too. I would love to [share scrapbooking with my daughter]. I know my mom probably loves having both [my sister and me] there, and my aunt has started scrapbooking, so she comes to the retreats, too. I think that would be great to have more family come.

Courtney Welu is an editorial assistant with Independent Banker.