Out of Office: Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein
Scott Goldstein’s go-to mode of transportation for his commute to Summit Bank is his bike.

The chief financial officer and senior vice president for $507 million-asset Summit Bank of Eugene, Ore., shares his passion for cycling, which is how he gets to the office each day and what takes him racing around Europe.

I became a serious cyclist after a knee injury from martial arts. The only thing that didn’t hurt my knee was ride a bike. I’ve competed as an amateur since 1994, focusing on road races that involve hills and mountains, because that’s what I’m good at. I’m riding about 150–250 miles a week and I’ve been riding my bike to work for 25 years.

We’ve made things more friendly for people that commute on a bike or use alternative methods of transportation to get to work. We’ve repurposed a storage space in our basement to be used as a changing and bike storage room. Summit [Bank] has made quite a commitment. We’re one of the top green workplaces in Oregon.

A friend and I identified what we liked and disliked about racing in Oregon and added a new event. It’s the second Saturday in April, just north of Philomath in Kings Valley, [Ore.]. This year would have been our 23rd annual event. It’s for all types: newcomers to pros, men and women, young and old, virtually everything in between.

When I travel to Europe, I bring a bike and follow the professional grand tours, Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France in particular. I go there with groups of like-minded cyclists, and we’ll follow the race around and ride the key parts a few hours ahead of the race. And then, of course, we watch.

Jenna Jean Grundtner is an editorial assistant with Independent Banker.