How to market your community bank in 2020

In the new year, make a resolution to amplify your community bank’s voice. ICBA has the resources to help, provided exclusively to members at no cost.

A new year brings new opportunities to share your story with your community. With more platforms than ever before to get your message out there, ICBA offers tips for getting started or furthering your connections with existing and potential customers and media.

Every community bank has its own story to tell. They’re helping their customers achieve their financial and business goals while enriching their communities through reinvestment. And they’re adopting new technologies and offering the latest services to meet customers’ evolving financial services needs—all of which speaks to the invaluable role community banks serve in helping to keep their local economies thriving.

This is where ICBA’s Marketing & Communications “Tell Your Story” Toolkit can help. This assortment of resources, found at and available exclusively to ICBA members, can help you build brand awareness and spread the positive story of community banking.

Three marketing tools for banks

The toolkit includes an editorial calendar to help with year-round planning and features customizable press releases, op-eds and blogs, along with sample social media posts and graphics, to help you get started. In addition, there are several infographics and tip sheets tailored to seasonal events and holidays to help you take advantage of these important dates.

Once you’ve crafted your narrative, you’ll want to package the information using ICBA’s tips for engaging and working with local and national media to grab attention and secure an interview to share your unique story. So, you’ve got the interview, now what? Tips and practices outlined in the media guide can help bank employees make the most out of their interview, from how to stay on message to what to wear for a broadcast interview.

And with ICBA’s social media section, you’ll learn about the different social media channels and how best to utilize them. You’ll also be able to use sample social media posts and imagery that make it easy to get started with or bolster your existing content for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

“Your community bank has a unique story worth telling, because what you do makes a tremendously positive impact on your customers and the communities you serve,” says Rebeca Romero Rainey, ICBA president and CEO. “We encourage you to leverage this valuable ICBA member resource as you market your bank and spread your message with key audiences at the local level.”

Free social media monitoring

If you’re an ICBA member, you have access to ICBA Social Media Monitor. This free benefit will show you who is talking about your community bank by pulling together relevant social media posts, news stories, blogs and more into one alert email. Go to to sign up for the service.