Out of Office: Piotrek Buciarski

Photo: Evan Kaufman

The vice president and corporate business development officer of $460 million-asset Summit Bank in Eugene, Ore., is a former pole vaulter and professional athlete who represented Denmark at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Sports are in my blood. My father, Wojciech Buciarski, was a two-time Olympic pole vaulter. He held the Polish national record for a while in the Seventies and competed in the 1972 Olympic Games and the 1976 Olympic Games, and then he went on to coach in Denmark. That’s essentially how I got into pole vaulting. I was fortunate enough that it earned me a scholarship here in the United States at the University of Oregon.

I was a part owner of a sports management company. We specialized in track and field, but we had a couple of clients in the NFL as well. As a sports agent, the biggest thing is it’s a relationship business. You build relationships with your athletes. They’re not always the easiest clients, and I think I find that in banking as well, that you’re dealing with clients who have [specific needs], so communication and being able to manage relationships was a strength that came out of it.

I think I bring a kind of can-do attitude [to community banking]. I just come to each case with a positive outlook and try to figure out if we can help.

A lot of people like track and field here in this town, so it’s a nice little perk that comes in handy for business purposes as well.

—Kathryn Jackson Fallon