Introducing Property Fingerprint | The future of data collection in the home valuation industry

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As the mortgage industry embraces digitization, the valuation space has largely been playing catch-up. At Class Valuation, we’ve stayed ahead of the pack by partnering with all industry stakeholders to build tools certified by government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) that drive Thoughtful Change™. These tools are designed to arm appraisers with next-generation technology that creates a more seamless experience for lenders and, ultimately, the borrowers they serve.

The home valuation industry has historically been one of the slowest to modernize. That has all changed thanks to a nudge from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, empowering the GSEs to look at the industry more differently than ever before. With the help of strategic appraisal management companies like Class Valuation, lenders and appraisers, the concept of a hyper-granular Property Fingerprint has swept the space. This new standard in data collection will offer more thorough, reliable and complete data than ever before.

Property Fingerprint will soon become the standard in property data collection in the home valuation process and cannot be done with traditional valuation tools. Class Valuation’s mobile inspection app designed for appraisers, with features like 3D property scanning, highly accurate rendered floor plans and much more robust data collection, enables:

  • Innovation and the ability to test emerging technologies
  • Speed for appraisers who can now complete more appraisals with greater accuracy
  • Granularity for even more relevant data collection than ever before
  • Transparency for greater insight and data into the entire appraisal process
  • Credibility to reduce confirmation bias and improve appraiser independence

Until this point, the home valuation space has been relying on largely manual processes to collect property information and value homes. Now, we can use advanced technology to ensure greater transparency, granularity, speed, consistency and credibility on every home valuation.

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