Member Benefits: How to keep up with compliance

ICBA offers more resources than ever before to help your community bank tackle compliance duties.

Community bankers understand that there is no hiding from regulatory compliance. However, with complex regulatory rules and evolving examiner expectations, successfully implementing your bank’s compliance program is easier said than done.

ICBA’s Community Banker University (CBU) has an online training library with more than 300 courses to keep you and your bank’s employees well-versed in industry subjects, including compliance. With topics ranging from the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and fair lending to flood regulations, the compliance-specific courses are designed to provide community bankers with the knowledge they need to effectively manage their bank’s program.
“Amplifying community bankers’ voices in our nation’s capital is certainly an ICBA top priority, as is supporting innovation as a way to meet customers’ evolving financial needs,” writes Lindsay LaNore, ICBA’s group executive vice president of CBU, in the Main Street Matters blog. “But when you look at the ICBA mission holistically, our raison d’être is to create and promote an environment where community banks flourish.

“In support of this mission, we’re also dedicated to providing community banker education for your entire bank team,” she adds.

Depending on your community bank’s training needs, some courses dive even deeper into topics like currency transaction reports, customer due diligence and beneficial ownership rules, suspicious activity reports (SARs) and recordkeeping. Courses are either geared toward specific job roles or are useful for all levels of the bank.

More CBU compliance resources

The online training center isn’t the only way ICBA members can increase their compliance knowledge through CBU. Compliance certification is an opportunity for community bank employees to advance their careers and become certified compliance officers. With an emphasis in regulatory compliance, these programs cover a compliance officer’s responsibilities, such as developing a compliance program, operations compliance and executive C-Suite training.

With the online training library through CBU and the Compliance Vault, bank staff can remain up to date with the latest compliance news and improve their knowledge through self-paced learning.

“Because in banking, like any business, sometimes it’s what you don’t know that limits potential,” LaNore says. “Just imagine the opportunities for personal career advancement and the impact on your bank’s overall success if every employee leveraged the full extent of your ICBA membership.”

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The Compliance Vault: now free to members

When you or any of your staff need reliable and relevant compliance information at your fingertips, look to the ICBA Compliance Vault. This online resource is tailored to the needs of community banks and offers more than 2,300 situational and technical Q&As, online courses and other regulatory publications.

Members can visit to access the Compliance Vault at no cost.