Board meetings or bored meetings?

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An Independent Banker and OnBoard Special Industry Report

In a recent survey with OnBoard, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider for Board Management Software, we asked Board Directors, Executives, and Administrators to assess the board meeting lifecycle. We wanted to know how technology was influencing their Board Governance, how they use board software and where they see technology shaping the future of their work.

The results showed board members who feel they are under heightened scrutiny. What’s more, information accuracy was the most common challenge the group said they faced, with information reliability coming in second. What wasn’t atop their list is equally striking: information overload ranked dead last in the survey of concern. The picture is clear; directors want more accurate and reliable information of all kinds.

Leaders are asking for a solution that’s easy to use — an intuitive board management experience from a vendor who has spent substantial time with real community bank directors. The data also shows that directors want proof, they either want to be able to use it before any contract is signed and they are looking for outside validation.

For over a decade, OnBoard has been on the phone, on the ground and in boardrooms across communities talking to real directors. It’s the easiest-to-use solution that promises better and more reliable information. OnBoard is also the only leading board management software that offers a no-strings-attached free trial so you know precisely what you’re getting before you fill out any paperwork.

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