Out of Office: Casey Ryan

Casey Ryan at Troutdale City Hall on the Historic Columbia River Highway. Photo: Leah Nash

The senior vice president and regional manager of $1.2 billion-asset Riverview Community Bank in Vancouver, Wash., moonlights as the mayor of Troutdale, Ore., a position that puts his years as a local business leader to good use.

The city needed some leadership, and it needed somebody who was outside of the political world to step in and help give some direction to the city and to the City Council. We have a city manager and department heads that run the city day to day, so, essentially, I operate like the chairman of the board and the rest of the council members are like the board members. We set policy and direction and approve the budgets. Our meetings are at night. I do occasionally have things during the day, but, for the most part, because of my position at the bank, I have a lot of flexibility.

My business background and the leadership I’ve had in the banking world and being part of many community boards throughout the years has definitely been a good asset to the city. It’s probably the first time we’ve had an actual businessperson running the city for a long time. The best thing is that we’ve just gotten a lot of things done that past councils haven’t been able to get done.

I was known as a business and community leader for a lot of years. Being a banker and a community leader was what I was. I like being the mayor, but I want to be seen as a business and community leader. Family was always number one, then my career was number two and then the mayor was number three. I’ve always kept to that.

Kathryn Jackson Fallon is a writer in New York.