CECL- Where to start, how to succeed

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CECL is coming. Implementation of the new accounting standard will test practitioners, auditors, and regulators as the full effects of the change come into focus. Transitioning to CECL can be costly for community banks if not done right.

The enclosed report can help your organization find the solution that best complements your business and future growth. Produced by Chartis Research, an independent firm providing research and analysis for risk technology, the report evaluates 17 vendors offering CECL solutions and covers:

  • General ledger and accounting
  • Classification of financial instruments
  • Expected credit loss calculation
  • Balance sheet optimization
  • Data management
  • Stress testing and variable analysis
  • Model validation
  • Technology
  • Reporting
  • Embedded knowledge
  • Integration of finance and risk
  • Provision of data

Who is on your CECL vendor short list?