Out of Office: Julie Croak Waddle

Photo courtesy of Simon Hurst

The assistant vice president and digital marketing manager for $520 million-asset FNB Community Bank of Midwest City, Okla., advances her expertise through her own marketing firm.

I recently started my own company: Bejeweled Marketing. It’s a play on my first name. One of my services is social media marketing, and that’s the most hands-on because of the ongoing commitment.

[FNB Community Bank] helped me get a foot in the door to finding clients, because I grew up in this community and they know me through the bank. I was asked to help another business, because they saw the bank’s social media. Right now, I have three [clients], and I’m limiting it to that because I know I can’t do more. I’ve helped out with social media, creating websites, business cards, logo design, Snapchat geofilters or certain ads put in the paper.

I told my husband, “The money’s going to be great, but it’s also going to be a time commitment.” I talk to my clients about it upfront that it can only be worked on after 5 p.m. Sometimes there are late nights, but I don’t mind. My husband has come in where I work on my computer at 10 p.m., and he’s like, “Are you not tired of this?” No, I love it!

I think other bank marketers will understand there are certain limitations. You can’t put super flowery pink stuff everywhere on a bank’s page. This gives me an outlet to try different designs that might be too risky for the bank, and I learn different things through it that I can bring back to the bank, which is a double win.

Rebecca Lubecki