Tim Zimmerman: A whirlwind year I’ll never forget


“Meeting with so many great community bankers over this whirlwind year is something I’ll never forget.”

When I began my term as ICBA chairman a year ago, I said I was anxious, humbled and excited. As community bankers gather for another ICBA LIVE convention—this time in Nashville, Tenn.—those words still apply, though for different reasons.

I’m still excited. A year ago, I was eager to complete the final stretch of the debate over the S.2155 regulatory relief law, which was a momentous accomplishment in our years-long efforts to achieve meaningful regulatory relief. But we community bankers don’t let grass grow under our feet, and there are still many initiatives to be excited about as we seek out new opportunities. These range from fresh possibilities to continue our advocacy gains under the 116th Congress and Trump administration to the ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator and Network, which open new doors to collaboration between community banks and the most promising fintech providers.

Did you know?

Community bankers participated in 25 total grassroots advocacy campaigns last year, according to the 2018 ICBA Advocacy Annual Report.

I most certainly remain humbled by the opportunity to serve you. Traveling across the country over the past year and meeting with community bankers from coast to coast has truly been an honor. It provided insights into our beloved industry that I would not have gained otherwise, even after 30 years in this business. Meeting with so many great community bankers over this whirlwind year is something I’ll never forget.

Last year, I was anxious because of the tremendous responsibility of properly and effectively representing you. But as this awe-inspiring year as chairman comes to an end, I must say that feeling of anxiety has ebbed, at least a bit. After the positive interactions I’ve had with community bankers and the successful year we’ve had in Washington, I can look back and appreciate what our industry has collectively accomplished since we met in Las Vegas one year ago.

While I remain fully committed to tackling the challenges and opportunities we continue to face, I must say that what I feel now, more than anything, is gratitude. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve and get to know my fellow community bankers better than I ever have before. I am grateful that I’ve been able to champion our shared values and principles this year in Washington, Tokyo and at the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s headquarters in Norwalk, Conn. But most of all, I am grateful for you—my friends and colleagues.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to continuing to give back to this industry as we work together to create and promote an environment where community banks flourish!

Tim Zimmerman Chairman, ICBA. Tim Zimmerman is CEO of Standard Bank, Monroeville, Pa. Connect with Tim @TimZimPgh