Out of Office: Miguel Lopez

Miguel Lopez at Little Rock’s Museum of Discovery, where he’s a board member. Photo: Jacob Slaton

The resource officer at $1.38 billion-asset First Community Bank in Little Rock, Ark., combines his upbringing, career and policy knowledge to create change.

Growing up Hispanic American, I always see that the Hispanic community is severely unbanked and underbanked. Establishing a strong banking relationship is crucial to achieving upward mobility and living the American dream. That is why I am so passionate about the work I do.

I build bridges between communities and businesses. I serve on four boards: Harmony Health Clinic; Museum of Discovery; Goodwill of Arkansas Education Initiatives, for the state’s only adult high school (the Excel Center at Goodwill); and Just Communities of Arkansas, helping to make sure businesses are putting their best foot forward to reach all communities and create cultures of inclusion.

I’m a big-picture kind of guy, so I’m always looking for ways to connect my job to one of the boards I serve on. We believe a strong bank supports a strong community, and in return, that strong community builds up that small bank.

Whether you’re interested in politics or not, politics is interested in you. The Excel Center had to get a law changed to allow the state’s first adult-only education high school to open. If you are trying to do something, you will have to know the policy, abide by the policy or, in our case, change the policy.

My mom always said, “You may not always have the money or time, but you must always have the heart.” I certainly haven’t always had the time, especially not the money, but I try to keep a servant’s heart.

Rebecca Lubecki