Out of Office: Donna Townsell

Donna Townsell and her daughter, a Conway Juniors volleyball player, walk outside First United Methodist Church in Conway, Ark.

The director of investor relations of $14.8 billion-asset Centennial Bank in Conway, Ark., applies her work ethic to tackling the needs of her community.

We get planted in situations in different ways. When I was younger, I tended to volunteer a lot in general. But about 10 years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with cancer as a 2-year-old and that changed everything. I now volunteer for organizations that help families fighting cancer wherever I’m planted, whether it be for my job or my daughter, helping organizations more in line with that phase of life.

I’m currently on the First United Methodist Church Weekday Childcare Committee because my daughter is a direct beneficiary. I’m also on the board for Conway Juniors, a volleyball organization my daughter is in. Being the parent of a child who has gone through that program, you know their experience and can provide feedback and insights.

As soon as community organizations know you work at a bank, they want your assistance. There are ways you can help with technology or online banking. But some skills I’ve honed on the community boards have made me successful at the bank, too, like organization, attention to detail and the willingness to get things done.

There are great organizations in every community, but if you are passionate about their cause, you are not going to be reluctant to give your time. Each one I have participated in in the past touched my heart in some way, and therefore I was happy to give my time to help them. My point is, you just have to bloom where you are at that moment.

Rebecca Lubecki