SaaS Instant Issuance: 3 things to look for

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Putting “Service” into the “Software as a Service” Instant Issuance Model

Nearly a decade ago, a new concept for issuing credit and debit cards inside bank branches was born. In its infancy, instant issuance was a big-ticket item that only large banks could afford. However, for smaller issuers, providing great customer service and reaping the rewards of interchange fees from immediate card use were too promising to ignore. This encouraged instant issuance providers to develop solutions to fit smaller business needs. Now, instant issuance can be delivered via next-generation program solutions such as an affordable, compact, easy-to-use Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Unlike the initial Software for Purchase (SFP) models, SaaS models offer simplified access to card printing through an internet connection. However, the most important and often over-looked key concept of a SaaS model is the “Service”. A SaaS instant issuance provider should focus on service – helping with implementation, integration and product support – while delivering a cost-effective solution.

What should you expect from a SaaS instant issuance solution?
Simplified hardware
SaaS instant issuance clients do not need a server or a Hardware Service Module (HSM). The SaaS provider owns and maintains this key component, which simplifies implementation and is a cost and resource savings for the issuer. There is no additional IT staff required; it is all housed and serviced by the instant issuance provider.

Simplified software and keys:
For a SaaS instant issuance provider, software is the service and it is the most commonly overlooked feature by institution decision makers. A flexible SaaS solution will allow instant issuance at any number of branches, and access for any number of bank employees to print a card through a standard internet connection. The true service comes from the instant issuance provider managing the updates (so the issuer doesn’t have to), combined with the added ability to use the software on day one. Contrast that with an SFP set-up, which requires considerable time, effort, and resources to customize.

Simplified implementation and support:
Issuers look for a fast return on investment and a quick implementation. Issuers should seek a provider that can have an issuer up-and-running in a short timeframe while providing 24/7 real-time support that continues after the initial implementation. A quality provider will guide and assist at all steps along the way and stand behind their equipment with a printer warranty.

Finding the best fitting instant issuance system can be daunting; however, if decision-makers have the right information, they can adequately gauge the impact a new solution will have on their time, as well as financial and human resources. Finding a solution provider that takes the “service” part of Software as a Service seriously, before, during and after the sale will provide a smooth and successful instant issuance implementation.

To learn more about the benefits of SaaS vs. SFP, read CPI’s white paper, Considerations when choosing between Software as a Service (SaaS) or Software for Purchase (SFP).