We’re in your corner: Compliance cost and process benchmark report

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We know you are out there every day fighting for your local communities, pouring your blood, sweat and tears into these efforts. KBRG is passionate about helping organizations like yours ensure this sweat equity is not in vain. We work to optimize compliance processes to free up time and cash, which can be re-invested in the funding of new loans, products and services.

KBRG’s Compliance Cost Benchmark (“CCB”) report helps you measure the cost and time spent on and around compliance by arming you with easy to understand data and analytics.

  • The CCB reports are powered by data which has been collected from over 100+ institutions across the US through our engagements and partnering with industry leaders to collect the most meaningful and timely data.
  • The CCB reports are broken into 5 distinct asset ranges ($100MM-$1BN, $1BN-$2.5BN, $2.5BN-$5BN, $5BN-$10BN, and $10BN-$50BN) to highlight the changes in regulatory expectations and volume.
  • All CCB reports contain over 30 actionable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) such as; cost of compliance as a % of assets, number of people supporting the compliance process, the time spent on compliance, all tracked by each major regulation.
  • Use the CCB report for your next budget cycle, cost initiative identification/target setting, process improvement project, self-assessment of your compliance management system, de-regulation relief (time and cost), etc.

Learn more about the Compliance Cost Benchmark Report here.


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