Out of Office: Kelly Jordan

In 2014, Kelly Jordan biked across Oklahoma with her brother and nephew.

The SVP and chief operations officer of $105 million-asset Farmers State Bank in Quinton, Okla., is an avid cyclist and thrill-seeker who biked across Oklahoma in seven days in an event called Free Wheel Oklahoma.

Free Wheel Oklahoma was unbelievable. Chris, my older brother, had been wanting to do it forever, so finally we pulled the trigger. My nephew went with us as well. The very first day we rode 79 miles. Of course, I’m looking at my brother and going, “What on earth have we gotten ourselves into?”

Our initial idea was to camp out all week long. The first two nights, it stormed unbelievably. A lot of people’s tents were blown over and leaking. Luckily, my dad was with us and he was our SAG [support and gear] guy. And we were like, “Dad, you’ve got to schedule us some hotel rooms the rest of the week.”

There were people of all ages, all sizes that were doing it. Just when you thought you couldn’t go any farther you’d look at somebody else and go, “Hey, they’re doing it. I can do it.”

I’ve ziplined several places—Mexico and Branson, Mo. Bungee jumping, I’ve done that. It’s kind of an adrenaline thing. Of course, the first time I bungee jumped, my dad was like, “Kelly, I thought you were smarter than that.”

I used to be a physical education teacher and I have a degree in leisure service management, so I believe play is very important.

—Interview by Jolene Johnson