Out of Office: Andrew Trainor

Andrew Trainor, regional president of $315 million-asset Legacy Bank in Pueblo, Colo., and chairman of Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO)

PEDCO’s mission is to recruit and retain companies that will provide primary jobs in Pueblo. A big part of our focus is workforce development. Our unemployment rate is very low … and so companies moving in want to know if we have a trained workforce ready to go. We have to continually work on developing the workforce so that we can say, “Yes, we do have a training program,” or “We can implement one to meet your needs.”

Over the years, we’ve recruited or created about 10,000 jobs. Our community is 150,000 people. PEDCO has brought in about $5 billion of company earnings that are accumulated by the companies that we’ve recruited over the past 15 years. Those kinds of dollars flowing through the community really improve life for everybody here in the southern Colorado area.

I am involved in meeting with all of the prospective companies that we’re recruiting. I spend time selling the community to these prospects. I’m pretty involved in the government side of things, too.

I think it’s imperative as community bankers that we not only take an interest in our communities but that we put some action behind that interest. We should offer the skills that we have as bankers and the energy we have as passionate citizens to help improve our communities.

—Interview by Jolene Johnson