5,287 days of Cam Fine

Presidential connections—Cam Fine meets with President Trump in the Oval Office, May 2017.

Camden R. Fine is retiring as ICBA president and CEO, a position he’s held for 15 years. In that time, the former Missouri community banker saw three presidents, weathered the Great Recession and was The Hill’s top lobbyist for 10 straight years. Through it all, he’s never wavered in his fight to protect the rights of community banks to do what they do best: serve their customers.

“No matter how hard the banking ‘experts,’ consultants and those hired by special interests dedicated to the demise of community banking try, they will never be able to kill off the nation’s community banks.”
—Finer Points, May 2011

“Never let others use your reputation to their own ends. You earned that reputation.”
—his final address to members as icba president and ceo, icba community banking live 2018, las vegas

“This Orwellian reality of money and power taking precedent over equal justice under the law gives us a modern take on the old Animal Farm commandment: Some banks are just more equal than others.”
—Finer Points, January 2015

New chief in town—Fine first appeared on the cover of Independent Banker in March 2004.
Voice of the industry—Fine addresses the Federal Delegate Board at the ICBA Capital Summit.
Fine and the Fed—Fine speaks to former Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen.

The Finer Points

15 years of milestones

2007: Walmart and Home Depot withdraw banking applications after persistent ICBA opposition and lobbying

2009, 2010: Deposit insurance reforms enacted
2012: SEC registration threshold increases from 500 to 2,000 shareholders
2013: Mortgage rules make special accommodations for community banks
2014: Merchants lose court challenge seeking lower debit interchange price caps
2015: 18-month exam cycle extends to banks up to $1 billion
2015: Law enacted requiring community bank representative on Fed Board of Governors
2015: Eligibility limit for Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement grows to $1 billion
2016: ICBA sues NCUA, challenging the credit union commercial lending rule
2016: FASB modifies final CECL standard to address community bank concerns
2017:Tax reform favorable to community banks enacted
2018:S. 2155 passes the Senate. Stay tuned…

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