Tech Neglect: The Cost of Doing Nothing

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Like many other industries driven by technology, the Security industry is seeing an enormous amount of change.  From technology innovation to the growing sophistication of criminal activity, organizations in both the public and private sector are looking for ways to address a growing number of threats. 

Additionally, the rapid pace of this change is creating challenges for security leaders everywhere as they balance the need to keep up with technology innovation with the requirement to deliver solutions cost effectively.  

Let’s take for example the North American financial market—digital video surveillance has replaced analog technology in nearly every financial institution. And, as a result, corporate security professionals are incorporating a more disciplined approach to technology renewal and refresh. 

Lifecycle management often now parallels the broader IT asset management practices of an organization, allowing security leaders at financial organizations to keep pace with new and emerging technology, while optimizing the total cost of ownership of video surveillance deployments.

This is a very important topic in the industry, because there is a cost to doing nothing.  That approach or not having a well thought out strategy leaves an organization vulnerable to a variety of attacks that can have devastating impacts to both the business and the customers it serves.

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