From the Chairman

The never-ending pursuit of knowledge

By Scott Heitkamp, chairman of ICBA

As March’s Independent Banker stated, I was born to bank. And while knowing what you want to do is half the battle, getting there and having the knowledge to sustain a successful career is just as important. Maintaining a personal culture of lifelong learning is necessary. In this day and age it can’t be stressed enough.

Times are changing, and that’s a good thing. It means that our banks are getting better and more sophisticated for the benefit of our customers. It also means that it’s on us to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. And while that may seem like it refers to the latest gadgets, and in many cases, it does, we can’t forget that the same concept applies to education.

ICBA gives community bankers the tools they need to thrive through Community Banker University, the modern educational platform that provides community bankers with premier, industry-specific professional development for all stages of their careers.

Community Banker University partners with the industry’s finest educational leaders to bring unparalleled education to community bankers. Educational offerings are presented using a variety of delivery channels in an effort to respond to the various learning preferences of community bankers—making it a great fit for me and for our ValueBank Texas employees who aspire to bigger roles within the bank.

I can’t help but think about my son Andrew, who is studying finance in college, and our many talented ValueBank employees when I think about the pursuit of knowledge. The opportunities they have today are astounding. The new world of community banking is like a pearl in an oyster ready to be opened.

Both Andrew and our staff will need to have information at their fingertips and the most current and comprehensive education offerings there to help guide them as they navigate their careers. It’s good to know that they and other professionals looking to pursue a career in community banking will be well served by ICBA and Community Banker University now and in the future for all of their educational needs.

R. Scott Heitkamp is president and CEO of ValueBank Texas in Corpus Christi. Follow him on Twitter, @sheitkamp.