15 Minutes With…Dan Kemp

Senior vice president for the $930 million-asset Security State Bank & Trust in Fredericksburg, Texas, and award-winning cyclist

IB: What prompted you to start cycling?
Kemp: I’ve always worked out at the gym but just kept gaining weight. The senior vice president of our trust office was losing a lot of weight. So I asked, “What are you doing?” He asked me if I ever thought of doing a triathlon, that he had done three of them. He was 57 at the time. I was 38 and thought, “What have I done?”

IB: How did you begin training?
Kemp: I challenged two college buddies to do the triathlon with me. One said he’d do it if I did the Hotter’N Hell Hundred with him, a 100-mile bike rally in Wichita Falls, Texas, in August. I thought he was crazy, but I took the challenge. I started riding, went to the gym, did spin class, swam, ran a little bit. But at the end of the day, a triathlete is not who I am. While training for the triathlon, I realized that my strength was in riding a bike.

IB: What do you enjoy about cycling?
Kemp: I sit on the bank’s board and loan committee and am involved in making the bank’s strategic decisions. If I’ve had a hard day at the office, I get on my bike and ride. It’s a good stress release, good mind-clearing time.

IB: Have you ever crashed?
Kemp: I was in the Texas State Road Race Championship when another racer cut in front of me, cutting off my wheel. I was going about 27 miles per hour and did a flip. I wrecked pretty hard, busting my helmet up. No broken bones. I was lightly bruised, but had a little concussion. I’ve been very lucky.

You won the 2012 Texas State Team Time Trial Championship and the 2016 Texas State Championship for mountain biking. What’s next?
Kemp: Road racing is addicting. You get so absorbed in it. My six-year-old daughter said she wants me to play with her. I thought, I’m racing for plastic trophies; what am I doing? So I have backed off. I love my family more than I do plastic trophies.

Quick facts

  • Security State Bank & Trust is a full-service community bank specializing in consumer real estate.
  • Dan Kemp serves on the bank’s board and loan committee, runs the mortgage subsidiary and helps make strategic decisions about the bank’s growth and development.