Tool Shop 2017

Web-based sales tool helps cross-selling

Launched by Kasasa in Austin, Texas, Kasasa Builder is a web-based, interactive sales tool that helps community banks promote and cross-sell products when opening new customer accounts. It also makes the experience interactive for customers by letting them choose the additional services they want, such as fraud protection. The institution can then use this information to identify products or services these customers might be interested in.

IBM launches mobile payments platform

IBM is delving into the world of mobile payments with IBM Pay. Introduced in September, this mobile payments solution is geared for merchants and retailers. Operating from the cloud, IBM Pay will allow end customers to save their payment methods with merchants and use that preferred method directly from a merchant’s app. No new investments in hardware are required, and it integrates with other relevant merchant systems such as loyalty programs.

Tech-savvy mortgage lending

Mortgagebot from D+H, ICBA Mortgage’s preferred solution for loan origination and point-of-sale, has launched MortgagebotMobile. This web-based service allows financial institutions to process accurate, qualified applications on smartphones and tablets. It is customizable, allowing users to modify applicant questions and showcase their own brands on various mobile devices.