15 Minutes With…Amy Goodin

Vice president, compliance officer for the $426 million-asset Athens Federal Community Bank in Athens, Tenn.

IB: Tell us about Athens Federal.

Goodin: We serve six counties with 10 locations. The bank also owns two subsidiaries, a title company and a finance company, Southland Finance, which provides small-dollar loans to individuals who might not qualify for a typical bank loan.

IB: How does it deal with compliance?

Goodin: We don’t have a compliance department with multiple staff members. Instead, we have a compliance committee, and we place much of the responsibility on our department managers. Compliance is the responsibility of every individual in the bank—that’s kind of our culture. We don’t have the resources to have a dedicated compliance expert in each department.

IB: What part do you play in this?

Goodin: Our compliance program defines my role as being an advisor to our team of upcoming changes in regulations and also being responsible for compliance with existing regulations, obviously. I do a lot of reading and researching proposed rules, final rules and commentary, and speaking with our consultants about application of rules, which I communicate to our team. As the internal audit manager, I also coordinate all of the compliance reviews, including IT, ACH, internal audits, loan reviews and exams, and I oversee correction of any deficiencies noted. I do the quarterly reporting to our audit committee too.

IB: Are you working on any big projects?

Goodin: We just purchased four new branch locations. That was a huge project in and of itself. From a compliance perspective, we had due-diligence responsibilities on the front end to review deposit accounts and loan and collateral documents. We actually had to create new account types with features that matched what those customers had, and that involved some new disclosures.

IB: Is teamwork important at your bank?

Goodin: Absolutely. I believe my team members view me as a helpful resource, rather than a typical auditor trying to find errors in their work. We all have the same goal, and that is what I try to relay.