15 Minutes With…James Hinton Jr.

James Hinton has been a community banker for more than 37 years

James Hinton has been a community banker for more than 37 years

Vice President, Security, and CRA Officer for the $3 billion-asset Xenith Bank in Richmond, Va.

IB: Tell us about your security officer role.
Hinton: I am responsible for managing the physical security for Xenith Bank’s 42 branches and its loan production offices and operations center.

My job is to keep customers and employees safe and our facilities secure, and ensure our bank is in compliance with the Bank Protection Act. Much of that involves supplying the equipment that’s necessary, which includes alarms, access control and video surveillance equipment.

IB: So you keep in touch with the law?
Hinton: I stay in contact with our local, federal and state officials and maintain relationships with various emergency officials. It is vital. If something happens, I want to make sure that I have emergency official contacts that I can call on pretty quickly.

IB: What takes up most of your time?
Hinton: Technology. I’m always looking at technology to see what can I automate. I am exploring a lot of devices that can be controlled from one site to serve various locations across our broad geographic footprint.

IB: Are today’s security cameras highly advanced?
Hinton: Manufacturers are creating equipment that is faster and more efficient. For example, I’m looking at internet protocol cameras. These devices can monitor a broader area with fewer of today’s security cameras because of the high-definition images they provide.

IB: What’s required to do your job well?
Hinton: My own ongoing training is a key thing. Having a good foundation of knowledge about the security officer’s role is important. I attend conferences. I’m a member of the Virginia Bankers Association’s security committee, and I have served on that committee since the late 1990s. Relationships with persons in the same field are very useful.
Nine years ago I received a professional certification from ICBA’s Bank Security Institute. That training was important to me and remains useful in my daily duties. Our instructor, Dana Turner, did a really good job. I still have his contact information and reach out to him every now and then regarding key topics