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Customer Profitability and Pricing
ICBA has expanded its Preferred Service Provider program to include customer profitability and pricing software from ProfitStars, a division of technology and core processing software developer Jack Henry & Associates Inc. in Monett, Mo. ICBA member community banks receive special pricing for the Customer Profitability and Pricing software through the association’s PSP program. The company’s software is designed to help community banks use their customer data—including loan and deposit information—to better understand and build effective retention and sales strategies. The software integrates into most core banking platforms and extracts data from credit and merchant card, lease, mortgage, trust, deposit, insurance and other applications to build comprehensive client profiles.

Online Loan Application
Integrated Media Management, an electronic transaction services company in Rahway, N.J., has enhanced its suite software of electronic loan services. Doing business as IMM, the company says its changes expand the capabilities of its easyReset and easyLead online loan platforms.

Now supporting personal loans and adjustable-rate mortgages, easyReset allows an institution’s customers to view and select a variety of loan terms online to potentially reduce the monthly payments associated with an existing loan. Meanwhile, easyLead is a dashboard that allows consumers to evaluate various options for a new loan.

Digital Invoicing and Payments
Core software provider Jack Henry & Associates Inc. in Monett, Mo., introduced an electronic bill presentment and payment service for banks to provide their commercial customers. Called SmartPay Biller Direct, the electronic accounts receivable service allows businesses to send electronic invoices to their customers and enables those customers to pay those invoices through secure digital channels.

The customizable service allows bank customers to offer online and mobile bill presentment and payments, and it gives consumers various options to pay those invoices electronically from checking and savings accounts, credit or debit cards or PayPal accounts. The service also includes risk-management tools and reporting capabilities for both banks and their business customers.


A New Resource at TCM Bank
Payments veteran Scott Wagner has joined TCM Bank, N.A., the credit-card bank for ICBA Bancard, the ICBA payments services subsidiary for community banks. Wagner brings more than 25 years of payment systems experience. At ICBA Bancard, he will be working with community banks to maximize the potential of their card portfolios.

Business Loan Portal, Scoring
Moody’s Analytics in New York City, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider of lending and risk management solutions, has launched a business-lending portal that allows lenders and borrower to exchange financial information. The company says its MARQ Portal speeds the lending process by replacing back-and-forth emails and phone calls with online information sharing. The portal also allows banks to generate a loan risk score through the company’s proprietary analytics system.

Digital Document Vault
FutureVault Inc. in Toronto, Canada, has introduced digital-document storage service for community banks to offer their customers. The company’s service, also called FutureVault, allows bank customers to digitally deposit, store and manage their important financial, legal and personal documents on a cloud-based system, which can be branded to each bank that offers the system. Operating as a secure filing cabinet for documents, the service also allows consumers, including businesses and professionals, to share their documents with others, such as family members and clients.

Online Deposit Gathering
XpertSavers in New York City has introduced an online channel for banks to collect deposits. The company says its service meets regulatory and security requirements. The service combines the capabilities of digital marketing firm Xaxis LLC in New York City and online application service provider MeridianLink Inc. in Costa Mesa, Calif.


Board Self-Assessments
Tweed-Weber Inc. in Reading, Pa., has developed a bank board self-assessment product for community banks. The company says its assessment benchmarking process allows banks to evaluate on how well their board operates “structurally” and “behaviorally” in performing its duties as a group and individually. Its product allows banks to complete the self-assessments in 30 days, the company says.

Online Loan Applications
Baker Hill in Carmel, Ind., a company that sells loan origination systems, introduced a platform that allows consumers and businesses to apply for credit cards and loans online. The self-service platform, called AppGen, allows prospective borrowers to apply for loans on any device—a laptop, tablet or desktop computer—with Internet access. The company says its software uses an intuitive application process that promotes faster and consistent decision-making for loans.

Automatic Customer Alerts
Fiserv Inc., a bank core systems and technology firm in Brookfield, Wis., has released a platform to allow banks using its core software to send customized alerts to its retail and business customers. The Notifi platform allows customers to select the types of “push” notification they would like to receive, from low-account-balance messages to notices about pending loan payments to alerts about suspicious credit-card transactions. Customers can choose to receive alerts via email, text, a secure online inbox, or through their mobile banking app.


Loan Decision-Making Reports
ICBA has selected PayNet Inc., a credit and risk assessment company in Skokie, Ill., as the association’s newest Preferred Service Provider for member community banks. The company’s Market Conditions Reports and Credit History Reports help community banks improve loan decision-making, streamline operations and identify changing circumstances that may put existing loans at risk.

PayNet’s reports on market conditions provide a localized market intelligence summary that includes information about the industry and regional trends using real-time and predictive analytics. The company’s credit history reports provide a summary of the borrower’s past transaction history—including collateral type, financing product, term and payment frequency and repayment status—to help assess creditworthiness.

These interactive reports can be downloaded at any time over a secure Internet connection. The data in them come from more than 23 million current and historic contracts provided by banks and other commercial lenders.

Pricing and Profitability Management
ProfitStars, a division of core processor Jack Henry & Associates Inc. in Monett, Mo., released new software that helps banks quickly assess and manage the overall pricing and profitability in a single system. The company says its Financial Performance Suite allows banks to gather deposit and loan data to determine appropriate pricing for individual customers and influence profitability for their overall portfolios. The software conducts historical profitability as well as pricing simulations for various types of loans, displayed in a single comprehensive dashboard view.

Mobile Wallet Tokenization
ICBA Bancard is working with FIS to provide free tokenization technology for community banks participating in the Bancard card-issuing program. The program will offer tokenization enablement for the Apple, Samsung and Android mobile payment apps.

Alliance for Community Banks—Jonathan Goody, Ncontracts LLC’s chief revenue officer (far left), and Eric Strohl, the company’s president (middle), meet with Dan Clancy, ICBA’s executive vice president-services.
Alliance for Community Banks—Jonathan Goody, Ncontracts LLC’s chief revenue officer (far left), and Eric Strohl, the company’s president (middle), meet with Dan Clancy, ICBA’s executive vice president-services.

Vendor Management Software
ICBA has launched a new Preferred Service Provider relationship with Ncontracts LLC in King of Prussia, Pa., to offer member community banks special pricing to access the company’s vendor management system.

Ncontracts provides a vendor management system designed to reduce compliance expenses, lower the risks associated with vendor relationships, and decrease expenses through a unique combination of software and services. The company’s system includes contract summaries, risk classification services, gathering services, compliance services and vendor monitoring.

In addition to providing a central storage location for all vendor contracts, a prominent feature of the Ncontracts system is a summary of a community bank’s vendor agreements and due diligence in an accurate, business-friendly language. It also will email reminders for critical dates, such as contract expirations, renewals and pre-negotiated contract payments. or

Lending Analytics
ICBA announces Moody’s Analytics as a Preferred Service Provider for lending data management software. Moody’s Analytics, which owns lending data company WebEquity Solutions, provides community banks with expertise in financial risk for better credit decision-making and risk management.

Lending Cloud, the company’s software-as-service platform, helps community banks streamline their credit management process, save valuable time and resources, mitigate risk, and help improve bottom-line profitability. Through Moody’s Analytics’ alliance with ICBA, the company is providing member community banks preferred pricing. or

ICBA Reinsurance Announces 13th Consecutive Dividend
ICBA Reinsurance has returned more than $2 million for community banks participating in ICBA’s captive reinsurance program. The company paid its 13th consecutive dividend of $175,000 to qualifying community banks, representing 5.4 percent of shareholders’ earned surplus. Nearly 50 percent of ICBA Reinsurance shareholders received a dividend.

Through ICBA Reinsurance, community banks can offer their customers competitively priced, first-rate credit life and disability insurance products from two highly rated, nationally known and respected insurance companies, while also receiving additional tax-advantaged dividend income. Program participants continue to earn commission income and now have the opportunity to share insurance underwriting earnings and investment income on their premium reserves.

Check Printing
ICBA has extended its longstanding Preferred Service Provider agreement with Main Street Inc. in Birmingham, Ala., to continue to help community banks access the company’s full-service check manufacturing services. The company has offered exclusive discounts and specialized customer service to ICBA members since 2005.

Main Street Inc., formerly known as Main Street Checks, has transitioned to a new name and branding to better reflect the alignment between the company’s core values and those of community bankers. The company says it works to ensure that the business needs of community banks are met through personal touches at each stage of the development of a check program. Those personal touches include serving the goals, pricing, training, check design and frequent program reviews of community banks. or


Online Customer Referrals
Financial technology and marketing provider Kasasa Ltd., formerly BancVue Ltd. in Austin, Texas, has introduced an online customer referral platform called Share Kasasa. The platform helps accountholders refer family and friends to community banks that offer the company’s loyalty-based checking accounts. The company’s marketing program, available free to banks offering loyalty-based Kasasa accounts, is co-branded with each participating bank’s logo and program details.

Online Lending Software
QCash Financial in Olympia, Wash., has added new functionality to its digital platform for short-term and small-dollar consumer loans. The new version of the QCash V5.0 platform offers improved performance for inputting information on a mobile device, the company says. New features also include Spanish language support for Web, mobile channels and loan documentation.

Technology Collaboration
Core software and payment services provider Data Center Inc. in Hutchinson, Kan., has teamed with Results Technology Inc., a computer security and risk assessment firm in Lenexa, Kan. The collaboration is designed to expand DCI’s services to help community banks manage their regulatory requirements regarding their information technology systems.


Digital Payment Platform
Core banking software provider Nymbus Inc. in Miami Beach, Fla., has teamed with digital payment system provider Payveris LLC in Rocky Hill, Conn. The companies are working together to deliver a complete online banking and electronic payment platform for community banks and their retail and commercial customers. They say their integrated, software-as-a-service platform ties together core processing functions with a suite of applications hosted in a cloud-server system. The payment functions include consumer and business bill pay, account-to-account fund transfers, and person-to-person and business-to-business payments. and

Commercial Mobile Deposits
Mitek Systems Inc. in San Diego has enhanced its commercial mobile deposit capture system to handle batch deposits through a mobile device. The company says the expanded capability will reduce the need for businesses, particularly those managing high check volumes, to rely less on check scanners when making mobile deposits. The company touts its system as having features that minimize data entry, reduce processing errors, and allow users to edit and include data tied to image-captured checks.

Loan Pricing Software
Sageworks Inc. in Raleigh, N.C., has streamlined the functionality of its credit-risk-management software, making it easier for banks to set pricing for prospective loans. For example, the Sageworks Loan Pricing software now allows banks to capture costs for administering loans, the company says. The software also allows bankers to easily compare several possible pricing scenarios, and it permits banks to adjust the software’s modeling to their individual pricing methodologies.


Data Security and Storage
Xamin Inc., a technology security service provider in Chicago, and Dynamic Solutions International, a data storage service company in Englewood, Colo., are offering banks virtual tape library storage and IT monitoring services. Together the companies provide 24-hour system monitoring, data backups, system patches and upgrades, and custom alerts. or

Secondary-Market Lending
Freddie Mac, the housing government-sponsored enterprise in McLean, Va., has released a new “end-to-end” mortgage software system called Loan Advisor Suite. The company says the software is a set of integrated software applications that will help lenders originate and deliver mortgages to Freddie Mac while receiving more information about loan valuations and warranty relief earlier in the loan production process.

Mobile Account Opening
Bluepoint Solutions Inc., a payment processor in Henderson, Nev., and Gro Solutions Inc., a mobile banking software provider in Alpharetta, Ga., are working together to provide banks with an online and mobile account-opening function. The account-opening system from Gro Solutions, for which Bluepoint Solutions will process transactions, will allow bank consumers to open new accounts online. The system also allows consumers to fund new accounts opened online with immediate credit and debit card transactions. or


Fair Lending Software
Trupoint Partners in Charlotte, N.C., has released a new version of its online compliance analytics software. The company’s Trupoint Analytics 2.0 system helps financial institutions statistically analyze their lending data for fair lending compliance. Using a dashboard display, the system can review data for potential marketing, underwriting, pricing, steering, redlining, disparate treatment and disparate impact. A series of easy-to-read dashboards and easy-to-understand data visualizations clearly illustrate potential fair lending issues.

Commercial Mobile Deposit
Mitek Systems Inc. in San Diego, Calif., has released commercial mobile deposit capture software. The system allows bank commercial customers to make batch deposits by taking pictures of checks with a mobile device, eliminating the need for desktop check scanners.

Self-Service Kiosk
Source Technologies in Charlotte, N.C., has updated its retail self-service banking kiosk to allow transactions from mobile wallets and tablets. Meant to be positioned in branches, the company’s 8-Series Personal Teller Machine is designed to automate nearly all of the transactions historically handled by tellers. With the machine’s upgrade with near-field communication technology, consumers can use their smartphones to contact transactions with mobile wallets providers such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The tablet function also allows “universal banker” service staff to assist customers with transactions if necessary.