Valuing Our Client’s Success


By David Grubb

At The Bank of Tioga, we preserve the local touch and serve our clients and communities well. We ignite prosperity in all the communities we serve through community reinvestment, lending to local businesses, and providing educational opportunities for the community and our employees. We are more than a community bank; we are a community prosperity engine.

We have experienced multiple oil booms and subsequent slowdowns in the oil industry in our state of North Dakota, along with the changes that come with that. Much like other community banks, we have not changed who or what we are due to changing conditions in industries that drive our economy.

The Bank of Tioga
Tioga, N.D.
ROAA in 2015: 1.74 percent
ROAE in 2015: 21.30 percent
Assets: $305 million
Retail locations: Two
Employees: 24
Founded: 1951

What makes us unique is that our mission is to help ignite prosperity in the lives of others, which strengthens our communities and preserves the viability and resurgence of community banking. Additionally, we strive to reinvest in our local communities. In 2015, we presented multiyear donations for building projects of $100,000 to Tioga Medical Center and $50,000 to Crosby Kids Daycare.

Since joining TS Banking Group through our formal acquisition in October 2014, The Bank of Tioga’s focus has been on growth strategies and expanding our products and services, including a new website, mobile money app, instant-issue debit cards, and wealth management and trust services. We fully deployed all nonearning assets and have benefited from analytical expertise provided by TS Banking Group. Strong credit quality has been maintained through consistent and conservative underwriting practices. We continue to invest in the bank’s future by providing training and professional development opportunities to our employees to build our intellectual capital.

One of the most significant challenges to the industry is that things are changing like never before. Today’s bank clients want and expect excellence in convenience, mobility and delivery. In addition to communicating effectively with existing and prospective clients about our current products and services, we need to keep pushing the envelope to provide technology-driven products and solutions that will make consumers and businesses want to do business with community banks, thereby eliminating any community bank stigma.

Keeping the local touch has always been important and that will never change, yet we have benefitted from new enhanced risk-management systems, allowing us to create business relationships outside of our local geographic markets. Being aligned with TS Banking Group and its state-of-the-art technology, risk-management system, and financial management systems has greatly contributed to our performance.

Community banking is key to community survival. We value our client’s success more than their satisfaction. Being engaged as active citizens in the community, serving as a financial partner with our clients and offering continual financial education are key ways to build strong relationships, businesses and communities.

David Grubb is market president of The Bank of Tioga.